About JewelShipping

Established in 2019 JewelShipping is a new courier option for dropshippers trying to capitalize on the US Market. Offering faster shipping rates at the cheapest possible prices, it’s no wonder why this new service is quickly gaining traction.

Originally starting as a supplier, the business would ship items from Yiwu China to USA on a regular basis. “We had a constant volume and reliable partners that allowed us to find faster shipping times.” However during the later months of 2018 it was becoming more evident that exclusively working through ePacket was becoming less feasible. “Even though our product where relatively light in weight, the cost to ship was steadily increasing.”

Faced with this challenge JewelShipping is the product of adaptation. “One day a US shipping company had visited our office and mentioned they can provide a faster shipping method. The catch was there’s a very strict criteria of what products can be shipped.” They were informed that in order to take advantage of this offer each parcel should: weigh no more than 100g, be no thicker than 1cm, contains no battery, liquid, cream etc. Also to qualify for this service their volume would have to increase by 300%. “All these stipulations made it seem impossible, with the increase in volume being the most challenging.”

With all odds stacked against them, they were almost ready to give up. Operating at a loss seemed imminent when a coworker had thought up an idea. He would go on to suggest, “if we partner with another supplier then maybe we can reach the shipping quota.” Immediately they scheduled a sit down with Andy the CEO of CJ Dropshipping, good news soon followed. Not only was a deal made but Andy was willing to bring in other suppliers for a multi member partnership. He contacted Jack from 4PX and Ammy from Yanwen, a meeting with all parties followed shortly after.

“After talking with everyone we all decided to try and take advantage of this superior shipping method. And in the end, my company would restructure to exclusively supply and ship jewelry from our warehouse.” They soon rebranded their company to JewelShipping and now manage the jewelry inventory for 3 of the largest suppliers in China. Their ability to evolve with the market has secured its sustainability for years to come. “It has been almost half a year now, and everything performing better than I expected. Rates are low, the volume is high, and overall everyone seems satisfied. E-commerce is the best.”